Amelia’s Magazine | Happy and Glorious: Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Illustrated

The Queen and her corgis by Sam Parr

This weekend marks 60 years since Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh became Queen of the United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth. The Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated (by most) across the world with street parties, boats on rivers, concerts and a diminutive Pop Princess writhing around in her underwear (I should imagine) on a makeshift stage in front of Buckingham Palace. It will be a glorious celebration of the Queen‘s dedication to her role and her people.

The Queen by James Round (Adopted Design)

A fashionable street party by Sarah Bromley

So I don’t agree with everything the Monarchy stands for, but since I was a boy I’ve been fascinated by the pomp and circumstance. Look at the State Opening of Parliament: some countries make do with an octogenarian saying ‘Parliament’s open, pals‘ (or words to that effect) but not Great Britain. Oh, no. Trumpets, £1m crowns, crazed gents banging on doors with rods, live television coverage that has the nation glued; it’s priceless.

A Jubilee tea party by Helena Maratheftis
Helena says: My initials are HM and when I was little I realised they also stood for Her Majesty. I think this explains why I’m drawn to royal memorabilia, especially if it has crowns on it…!

Queenie by Ashley Fauguel

We’ve all heard the figures of what the British Monarchy actually costs us – £1 per person, 69p per person, blah blah blah: I won’t even argue that the Monarchy makes us money, even if there are no shortage of International tourists risking life and limb to get a photograph of their offspring, arms by sides, perplexed as to why they’re being forced to stand stock still in front of a stone lion. But there’s nothing like a country coming together in a way only we British know how to do best – over tea and cake.

The young Queen by Claire Kearns

Diamond Jubilee by Claire Wood

Drag Queen by Melissa Angelik

I’m way out of my depth and I’m sure there’ll be trolls falling over themselves to tell me all sorts of wicked and sinister things about Her Madge and the firm – but I couldn’t care less. I’d much rather have our Liz than some dry bloke in a suit as our nation’s representative.

The Queen’s Kitchen by Luke Prest
Luke says: This image was inspired when I caught sight of my Nan, sitting staring out of her kitchen window wearing her rollers and smoking a cigarette. Inspite of them being worlds apart, every family and every home has its own Queen. Both the Queen and my Nan represent the same things – heads of state; the figurehead of the family.

Jubilee Pop Queen by Warren Clarke

I’ll be too busy starring at Liz’s crown jewels on Jubilee Day and waving a Union flag to worry about boorish types proclaiming themselves above it all. Long Live the Queen!

M is for Monarch by Helen Lang

Street Party by Deborah Moon

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