Amelia’s Magazine | Spotlight: Sophie Webb

Interesting facts about Sophie Webb.
– After graduating from Byam Shaw, buy information pills more about she went on to work with Damien Hirst amongst others before becoming a freelance illustrator.
– She is a semi professional Kristin Stewart lookalike
– She likes breaking into abandoned mental hospitals with her equally insane best friend.

And she makes amazing artwork. Juxtaposing subjects, Bill Hicks and Robert Pattinson per example, advice her work is crafted in a multi-media fashion, incorporating retro black labels, rizlas, hand illustration and mix tapes. Her collection which she has named ‘care packages’ consists of customised matchboxes, with tiny scroll within, reading quotes from authors such as Sylvia Plath and Paul Auster.

‘Portraits’, which is available for commissions, focuses rather on the subject’s taste rather than the subject themselves. ‘Lemmy Kilmister’ for a Kilmister fan is a psychedelic combination of sign language, illustration, handcrafted paper and a rizla, which fits together to encapsulate far more about the man than the run of a mill illustration. Collage seems to becoming to re-emerge in young artist’s portfolios, and I find the use of relevant materials, the rizla for example which I love the use of in context with the artwork, to be very fresh and relevant.

Sophie has abandoned a traditional art career path in favour of the freedom of working independently and focusing on the art that she wants to create, which has also taken place all over her body is a series of self designed tattoos. So what inspires Sophie Webb? ‘B.Dolan. Twilight. Bill Hicks. Twin Peaks. Cigarette boxes.’
Excellent choice.

For more information, contact for pricing.

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