Amelia’s Magazine | University Arts Bournemouth: Dot to Dot Illustration Degree Show 2013 Review

Snarfle at Dot to Dot
The illustration degree course at Arts University Bournemouth held their stand alone Dot to Dot graduate exhibition in mid July at The Rag Factory just off Brick Lane. I visited during the day, accompanied by Snarfle, who loved running around the big white galleries and attracted the distracting attention of a young man who chased us around the show, waffling at me about babies and his imminent arranged marriage even when I very politely explained that I was trying to work: I think fatherhood must have been on his mind but it did make it rather hard to concentrate. Maybe some people just don’t really believe it’s possible to be a mother and work at the same time: well hey, I’m the living proof.

Watercolour plate stack by Becca Corney
Becca Corney - tom yum
First mention must go to the super talented Becca Corney, whose lovely watercolour plate stack attracted a great deal of admiring attention when I posted it on instagram (and led to an invite to be involved in an upcoming exhibition). She then contributed another lovely food illustration to my review of The Art of Dining event at Fenton House. Get involved graduates: this website is a brilliant place to showcase your work! Becca’s great love is food and she has produced a wonderful illustrated recipe book called Plateful that you can find here.

Lettuce Celebrate by Jeanette Slade
Following on with a food theme, I enjoyed pun-tastic images such as Lettuce Celebrate by Jeanette Slade.

Maggie Thatcher decorative paper plate by Emma Harrison
This Maggie Thatcher decorative paper plate is by Emma Harrison, who specialises in idiosyncratic portraits of famous people.

Emily Gilbert Bournemouth
Emily Gilbert‘s surreal monochrome landscapes are created in simple washes of black ink: see if you can spot the tiny figure in the centre of this one.

Little worlds, by Hannah McIntyre
Hannah McIntyre world inside a bottle
These colourful alternative worlds by Hannah McIntyre are absolutely wonderful.

Patrizia Imozzi - monster stirring a cauldron
Patrizia Imossi created this cool monster stirring a cauldron.

Snake by Mat Waudby
Man riding in a shark kayak. By Mat Waudby
I thought iconographic paintings on slabs of wood by Mat Waudby were really rather marvellous, including a snake and a man riding in a shark kayak.

birds by Katie Macon
bird business cards by Katie Macon
I do love all these birds by Katie Macon, and I particularly love her brilliant handmade bird business cards, each featuring a cheeky character.

Lydia Hannah Thomas - lady wearing fruit on her head
Lydia Hannah Thomas‘s lady wears a wonderful basket of fruit on her head

Becca Paterson fabric
This fabric design by Becca Paterson was inspired by a love of thrifting.

Francesca Calabrese
Francesca Calabrese put colourful photographic collages on shiny glass.

Anna McNee
Anna McNee used pen and ink to create detailed decorative illustrations inspired by the British countryside.

Felted glow worm character to go with a children's book by Becky Hill
This felted glow worm character features in a children’s book by Becky Hill.

Hannah Jane Nicolson
Hannah Jane Nicolson is inspired by the oddities of her surroundings – here a plethora of woodpeckers hammer away in a strange little forest.

Louis Wood
Louis Wood had created a series of strange creatures fit for a folk tale. I can imagine these beguiling beings intriguing a child.

Wanted posters by @jaybarnham
These fun ‘Wanted’ posters are by Jay Barnham.

Kate Bishop of Kroma
Kate Bishop of Kroma 2
Kate Bishop of Kroma had fun with shapes and luscious combinations of colour.

laurel turner
Laurel Turner stitched over photographic screen prints to unnerving effect.

Pom Pom lady by Harriet Schofield
This Pom Pom lady by Harriet Schofield showcases a beautiful style that would be well suited to fashion illustration.

Fay Huo
Finally I shall finish off with a selection that caught my eye at both New Blood and Dot to Dot. Above is a close up of bizarre but beautiful artwork by Fay Huo – in which she analyses the role of phobias.

Jonny Clapham potion master
Jonny Clapham zoo
Jonny Clapham bee parade
mascots dotted around the walls of the Rag Factory jonny clapham
This pixelated Potion Master is by Jonny Clapham, whose idiosyncratic computer game inspired artworks really stood out as unique and utterly unlike anything else I have seen of late. He was also responsible for the simple but fun Dot to Dot mascots that were ‘dotted’ around the walls of The Rag Factory.

Elliot Coffin
This neon screen printed man is by Elliot Coffin.

Marina Muun new blood
marina muun
Glorious subtle work by @marinamuun
Finally, I had no idea that the illustrator Marina Muun was still at college! She already has a super professional presence in print and online (I’ve been following her on instagram for awhile) and creates the most marvellous and instantly recognisable illustrations. For her degree show she concentrated on a subtle range of colours to create surreal worlds populated by elongated ladies and prehistoric plants.

Overall Dot to Dot was a brilliant show, and one of my absolute favourites from the whole of the 2013 season. I have no doubt that many Bournemouth illustrators will do well over the coming years.

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