Amelia’s Magazine | Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration (ACOFI) Launch Party – In Pictures – Daytime!

Some of the goodies…

Lily Vanilli‘s fabulous scones

Illustrator Joana Faria draws a guest

Dr. Hauschka massages

Illustrator Zarina Liew

Gabby Young and Artist Andrea pose with Andrea’s tour poster illustration

Illustrator Zarina Liew chats to Susie Bubble

Sally Mumby Croft enjoys a Pukka Tea

Illustrator Jenny Robins with a day’s work!

Illustrator Naomi Law

Sally Mumby Croft flashes her leather hotpants…

Fashion writers Michael Ford and Ellen Grace Jones

Illustrator Michelle Urvall Nyrén

Amelia with Vogue’s Jessica Bumpus and stylist Rebekah Roy being photographed by Courtney of Forward PR!

All photography by Matt Bramford

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