Amelia’s Magazine | Eugene Lin: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Catwalk Review

Eugene Lin A/W 2013 by Dom&Ink

I like to sneak off to a show during the week on my lunch hour, and that’s exactly what I did to catch Eugene Lin at Fashion Scout on Monday.

Eugene Lin A/W 2013 by Sylwia Szyszka

Eugene is no stranger to the Fashion Scout catwalk, and his collections tend not to go for any kind of shock factor, instead concentrating on cuts and craftsmanship loosely based around a certain theme. This season again fed on Lin’s fascination with Greek mythology, and we reach the part of the story where loveable rogue Paris first meets Helen of Troy. Loud gunshots permeated the catwalk hall, much to many attendees’ surprise, no more than my own. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) played as we sat in almost darkness, a reference to Eros (Cupid)’s shooting of Helen.

All photography by Matt Bramford

The tempo soon picked up as the lights beamed and models appeared in trench coats, continuing Eugene’s love affair with this fashion staple. Many were sleeveless, some even worn as tops rather than jackets, revealing shoulders and busts with sweetheart necklines. Most came in a standard beige gabardine, while others came in refreshing rich reds and in black, as did the opener, embellished with buttons applied almost with abandon.

Eugene Lin A/W 2013 by Dom&Ink

It’s hard to find any direct nods to the Greeks, and while I’m not one for vulgar influential references I did leave wondering if the Aphrodite/Helen/Paris/Eros blurb on the press release that I’ve so cleverly regurgitated above is really necessary. It’s more than fine, I think, to produce a damn good collection (as Eugene had) without trying to force hidden meanings and evocative references on the viewer like a painter or modern sculptor might.

Eugene Lin A/W 2013 by Sylwia Szyszka

Later came abstract digital prints that have become Lin’s signature. Body-conscious dresses carried this print well, layered as panels onto black. Crisp, fitted shirts also featured the print in green, styled with slick leather pencil skirts that will have his groaning army of fans leaping with amour.

Other pieces carried a repeated disc pattern, which may or may not have been a symbol from Greek mythology. If it’s the former case then I’ve perhaps made myself sound a little silly going on about references. Whatever the outcome, this was a carefully executed collection with sensuous flare and high quality tailoring that will firmly establish Eugene Lin‘s label on the London fashion map.

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