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Makin Jan Ma


Who knew that cocks and ropes could look so good? Chickens, I mean, as we all know how good cocks can look. Makin Jan Ma has reinvented the barnyard favourite by printing it in sky blue and plastering it all over his collared shirts and t-shirts, making it appear almost abstract from a distance. The other most prolific print in this collection is the twirled rope, both in an enlarged worm-like print and a teeny twisted print that makes delicate reference to the now waning gold-chain trend. Jan Ma trained in graphic design at CSM and, in some strange but great turn of events, moved to fashion to create this super-quirky line. The cuts are really sharp and clean, obviously the graphic influence. Very cool.

Le Tigre


Back with a punch that I couldn’t resist, the label’s collection of colourful shirts screams cuteness. CUTE CUTE CUTE! They are preppy, indeed, but with the mix of stripes, stars and hearts in an array of bright and pastel colours they are more like candy.

Scotch & Soda


Okay boyfriends, these are the clothes that will get you in our good fashion books. Well, mine at least, so I hope he is reading this. And if you aren’t going to take the initiative to go and check out this line for yourself you can rest assured that it will show up under the tree at Christmas. I think most girls will agree with me that it is too bad there is no ladies line, but hey, we can wait. It is all about the prints in this collection. Some of my favourites were cable-knit print, the scarf-print and the sky/cloud print. But the best by far was the garishly printed zip-up with a team-style logo on the back. Yes, fantastically unfashionable, making it super-cool.

Tata Naka


I have always found Tata Naka’s shows at London Fashion Week a little lacklustre, lacking in punch, and with a tendency to drag on for longer than they should. And I have always found that the clothes are layered and stacked like they have been pulled out of the dress-up box, not in a good way. But seeing the collection up close for the first time kinda won me over. The rhythmic gymnast prints reminded me of something off an oversized sweatshirt I wore in the 80s, and the mini bodybuilder portraits, scattered over a yellow background, were irresistibly hilarious. And Tata Naka’s collection of garish costume jewellery was straight from the dress-up box in the right way.




I love everything this label does, but most appealing this time round was the black satin bra and underwear set, trimmed in white lace. Totally impractical for any breast size, the loose satin looked like it would hang off your boobs no matter what, offering no support or giving no option to actually wear something on top of it (it would definitely look awkward under anything but a chunky cable knit sweater). However, all this impracticality is the delightful appeal of sexy knickers! I think they would make me feel like a 20s pin up girl, lounging around with nothing to do but lay around, and that sounds like a reasonable expectation for underwear.

Manish Arora


Appealing to the utmost in girlish delights Manish Arora’s clothes are like a walk through wonderland. They are embellished with sequins, rainbows, hearts, wild tropical beasts, petals, birds, and fabrics of every sort. I have always loved his catwalk shows as they are the most colourful and spectacular of London Fashion Week. I could only imagine how wonderful it would feel to wear one of his tiered sequined skirts to a party… the prettiest girl in the room!


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