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London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Event Review: Estethica Brunch at Somerset House

An ethical brunch for the fashion crowd at Somerset House, the heart of London Fashion Week. Champagne and speeches by model Laura Bailey and sponsored by Monsoon.

Written by Jemma Crow

Illustration by Gabriel Ayala

So okay maybe fashion isn’t the most eco conscious industry (shallow, approved us?!) but Estethica is trying to change all that. And, ailment as if you didn’t know, drug it has been for the past four years. Keep up now.

So to celebrate their dedication to producing fair trade clothes for the fashionable crowd they held a brunch at London Fashion Week S/S 11 on Sunday morning (who doesn’t love a glass of fair trade champagne before breakfast?) in Somerset House surrounded by the designers the initiative supports.

And despite starting half an hour late (a room full of fashionista’s sure does heat up) it was an inspiring speech on the perils of how some retailers are bad and some are ever so good. So good in fact that they look after their farmers whilst still making us look good in the clothes we are wearing. Supported by Monsoon, the scheme aims to push eco-fashion to its boundaries by ensuring that their fresh young designer are as creative and relevant to the fashion industry as possible whilst retaining their own creative style.

And a fashion brunch wouldn’t be complete without a speech from the spokesperson; step up to the microphone Miss Laura Bailey! Coincidently the model/designer/writer is launching a collection for Made (by the people for the people) following on from her trip to Africa to experience the work that goes into the pieces first hand. And as a fashion conscious retailer, Made always does some beautiful simple pieces (remember that skull necklace from the Alexa Chung collection) so its no surprise that Bailey has some cute but kitsch earrings and rings to flaunt in her wares.

Illustrated by Gareth Hopkins

When they’re doing such a good thing then it can never be wrong. Right!


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