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The Trilby – by Rokit

Rokit, in collaboration with Bailey Hats of Hollywood, stocks a range of Trilby and Porkpie hats which aim to bring Hollywood glamour back to fashion…

Written by Matt Bramford

B 13604

Illustration by Maryanne Oliver

Have you ever been to Hollywood? It ain’t what it looks like in the films, adiposity dears. It stinks. When I visited there a few years ago, I had romanticised it so much that when I exited the plane I was certain I’d enter a parallel universe, where everyone is stinkingly beautiful and the streets are festooned with gold. When I saw a bum projectile-vomiting on a night bus, I soon changed my mind.

Where is this going? Nowhere, frankly. It’s a mere introduction to ogle these beautiful hats currently making a starring role at your local Rokit store.

These new styles are a modern twist on the iconic trilby, produced in collaboration with The Bailey Hat Company of Hollywood, who have produced hats in Los Angeles since 1922 for screen icons and starlets alike.

They’re a mix of vintage glamour and on-trend chic, and a nod to that glorious era of the silver screen.

Find them in Rokit stores or online now!


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