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The Trilby – by Rokit

Rokit, in collaboration with Bailey Hats of Hollywood, stocks a range of Trilby and Porkpie hats which aim to bring Hollywood glamour back to fashion…

Written by Matt Bramford

B 13604

Illustration by Maryanne Oliver

Have you ever been to Hollywood? It ain't what it looks like in the films, adiposity dears. It stinks. When I visited there a few years ago, I had romanticised it so much that when I exited the plane I was certain I'd enter a parallel universe, where everyone is stinkingly beautiful and the streets are festooned with gold. When I saw a bum projectile-vomiting on a night bus, I soon changed my mind.

Where is this going? Nowhere, frankly. It's a mere introduction to ogle these beautiful hats currently making a starring role at your local Rokit store.

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