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sofia-ice cold love video
Half Venezuelan and half Lebanese, London based artist Sofia lays her heart on the line with new single Ice Cold Love, an airily beautiful tune that spins a tale of empowerment from the ending of a cold hearted relationship. She has been justly compared to the likes of KD Lang and Tegan & Sara, with a much anticipated debut album In The City due out later this year. Here she shares more of her inspiration…

‘I wanted the video for Ice Cold Love to show the disintegration of a relationship in a way that represents both sides equally. I wanted to show the tension and how distant two people can become, when things fall apart. That’s why Tim Glaesener, (my videographer who is actually from Germany!) suggested we told the story by having two screens representing me and my ‘significant other‘ in the video in the final moments of a relationship. Two people who once might have had all the heat at the beginning, can also grow apart. We tend to forget about the consequences and get carried away by the heat and the passion.

I’ve always been inspired by the people around me, particularly the people I love. When I feel that someone I care is going through a hard time or I feel that I can’t express myself to them properly in words, writing a song is usually the outcome. I’ve often been inspired by books I’ve read or movies, because sometimes they greatest perspective you can get on your life is putting yourself in other peoples shoes.

My songs usually always start with a title and then I’ll start to mess around with chords and a melody. Sometimes, I’ll just start randomly writing lyrics and I figure out the title as I go. It’s good to be flexible when you’re writing, so I try not to impose too many rules on myself and if I feel like writing something completely out of character genre wise, it kind of gives me a breath of fresh air.

When it comes the time to start recording, I usually make demos before I hand any songs over the producer. It’s important to me that whoever I work with as a producer, understand the original intention of the song before they begin to consider production ideas. For me figuring out harmonies in all my songs is really important to me, I sort of see it as my signature thing. I grew up singing in choirs, so I’m really inspired by vocal harmonies. Once the producer has an idea of what I’m trying to do we begin to sculpt out how we think the song should build.’

Ice Cold Love is out now on Let’s Play Records.

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