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Meet Nicholas Stevenson: the friendly songwriter and illustrator from the North Pole…

Splendid music, fantastical and dreamy illustrations - and the North Pole? Let's have a cup of tea and chat about this Nicholas.

Written by Helen Martin

Gemma Milly_Nicholas Stevenson
Gemma Milly_Nicholas Stevenson
Illustration by Gemma Milly

Nicholas sent me his CD and tape, troche accompanied by a lovely letter about living and musing about in Bristol. One of my favourite pastimes - we may have been staring into the same middle distance...! Like a quill pen into my heart, stuff I am a sucker for a personal letter. Especially on such nice paper. After reading his scribe, treatment I listened to Nicholas’s album: Phantom Sweetheart, available now on Hilldrop Records.

phantom sweetheart cover by nicholas stevenson
Album Cover, Phantom Sweetheart,… read more

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