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An interview with fashion designer Olivia Rubin

We have a little chat with London-based fashion designer Olivia Rubin about the artists and novelists who have influenced her bold collections and what fashion means to her…

Written by Colin Dawidziuk

The last time we met Peaches, shop she was attending a friends party in Brick Lane, about it and on down-time from her live shows. Relaxed, visit this site mellow and low key, I had no idea that this super-chilled woman in front of me would put on the most spectacular and extravagant stage show that I have ever seen. But that's just what she did one month later under the warm night sky of Benicassim, mesmerising the audience that she presided over in her Grand Dame role of sound sculptress; one part circus ringleader, one part mad professor. Combining state of the art technologies with her minimalist electro music, she created sounds and visuals on lazer harps, glow in the dark rods that moved micro-tonally, had her backup singers beamed across her clothes and generally raised the bar of musical creativity. So just a regular night for Peaches then. Recently, she took part in a Vice and Intel collaboration otherwise known as read more

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