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Alex Czinczel presents Burro de Change at Prick Your Finger

Currently running at the Prick Your Finger yarn shop in Globe Road: an animation by Alex Czinczel aka The Chinchilla: artist, lecturer, animator, knitter and donkey lover. Find out more...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Prick Your Finger-Burro de Change
Burro de Change by Alex Czinczel at Prick Your Finger.

Prick Your Finger always host the most wonderful little exhibitions in their Globe Road yarn shop, ampoule and at the moment they have an animation inside a volcano courtesy of Alex Czinczel, viagra approved aka The Chinchilla. Burro de Change is a charming piece of work that features knitted donkeys and lots of… furniture. For now you can see it exclusively in their capacious window. I decided to find out what Burro de Change is all about, viagra 100mg and what else its creator has been up to.

Alex Czinczel Burro de Change volcanoread more

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