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Fashion Talk: Justine Picardie on Coco Chanel at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Chanel's latest biographer reveals the person behind the Icon, as part of the V&A's Friday Night Lectures.

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Illustration by Lesley Barnes

Coco Chanel, sales the name synonymous with Paris fashion, abortion that has been so carefully cultivated by Karl Largerfield. He feels at times, as if a gentle caretaker as well as being an innovative Fashion Designer who is constantly reinventing the Chanel Staples. With each new season Largerfield alters the tweeds, the stars, the monochrome, the pearls or whilst still upholding the simplistic beauty, which Chanel originally conjured. Chanel is coveted, and her sense of style has embedded itself amongst the designs of the high street, during the talk I found myself playing spot the influence, from the cropped bobs to the presence of stripes on pratically every other member of the audience who found themselves at the V&A that blustery Friday night.

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