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Climate Camp Tripod Stage at Glastonbury 2010: How did it all go?

This year I ran the Tripod Stage for the Climate Camp field. Was it a success? Read on for my thoughts on Glastonbury 2010.

Written by Amelia Gregory

thumbnail Kirsty

Photograph by Hannah Kinver Miles

There is nothing generic about Kirsty Almeida; she was not artificially created from a record labels wish-list, site nor manufactured during an X Factor audition. Navigating her own path, pharmacy she is very much the modern Renaissance Woman: artist, this web experimenter and a true creative. Before meeting Kirsty to chat about her new album Pure Blue Green - a rich tapestry of blues, folk and jazzy pop - I watched video clips of her performances. Singing live, she is mesmerizing, a powerhouse! Free spirited and alive, at times she is an enigmatic chanteuse, and other times she is a ringleader to a raucous vaudeville troupe. She sings with a passion that leaves us in no doubt that her music come from an honest and heartfelt place. Her voice is tender with sparkles of underlying inquisitiveness and humour and it only takes a minutes… read more

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