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A L I E N I N A; simply the best in handmade contemporary jewellery

Launched in 2008, Alienina jewellery now seems to have quite a following, albeit primarily having featured in Italian magazines – where the designer is originally from. The collection is now being spotted in the UK too, and her popularity looks set to go through the roof...

Written by Camilla Sampson

collo_nerorosso3-600x600Images throughout courtesy of ALIENINA

When you first hear suggestions of jewellery being made from household items as obscure as metal washers, here it may not be quite what you would consider wearing. However, explore the world of ‘Alienina’ and you might just change your mind – completely. Successfully managing to incorporate items normally considered as ‘rubbish’ in her designs, Eliana delves into the wonderful world of sartorial desire with each piece being wholly ‘one-of-a-kind’.

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