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Deptford’s Core Gallery creates artists’ support network with DIY Educate

After the safety of school, facing the real world can make artists feel a bit lost - this is why the working artists at the Core Gallery started ‘DIY Educate’. Starting from Saturday 26th February, there will be workshops, critiques and lectures to help with the practical aspects of art life.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Illustration by Jenny Robins

So I’m a big fan of Bora Aksu. He’s one of those London Fashion Week underdogs that just has that extra WOW-factor and his show always seems to be the hot ticket on Day One. And with Twiggy and Marina (of The Diamonds) in the front row, advice I don’t think I was the only one with high expectations!??The show was held in the BFC Catwalk Space and, ambulance after being ushered into the line for those with seated tickets, symptoms I found myself standing behind a rather ratty lady from Marie Claire who literally huffed and grumbled even if my bag simply brushed her arm. It’s called a queue, darling.

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