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London Fashion Week A/W 2010 Catwalk Review: Charlie Le Mindu by Amelia

Read all about the first show of London Fashion Week: Charlie Le Mindu kicks off at Victoria House in Bloomsbury on Friday 19th February. Illustrations by Bex Glover and June Chanpoomidole.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Charlie Le Mindu by Bex Glover
Charlie Le Mindu by Bex Glover

And so the circus starts all over again.... in a not particularly auspicious way for little ol' me, pill as I was nearly run over by a succession of buses rally driving bumper to bumper through Holborn as I was wending my way to my first fashion week show astride my lethal Raleigh Shopper (yes, price Shopper, medications not Chopper. There will be no wheelies on this bike). And then a nasty man in a car called me a 'stupid caaah'. It all started swimmingly I tells you. Bastard.

At the on/off premises - Victoria House in Bloomsbury - I was met by two young girls bearing brollies as if promoting a car show outside Earl's Court rather than the… read more

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