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The Hidden Cameras introduce the video for Year of the Spawn 

Director Matt Wolf introduces the beguiling new video from The Hidden Cameras. Old newsreel perfectly complements this haunting song.

Written by Amelia Gregory

The Hidden Cameras by Charlotte Mei

The Hidden Cameras by Charlotte Mei*

Since 2001 the Canadian musician Joel Gibb has played with his band The Hidden Cameras, staging unforgettable nights in the churches of Toronto, complete with male gogo dancers. Gibb shaped Toronto’s music scene at a time when it was practically nonexistent and went on to become the first Canadian artist to sign with Rough Trade. Nowadays Joel Gibb lives in Berlin and has found his place, as songwriter and as artist. On new album AGE, he is no longer concerned with who he is, but rather, with how he came to be.


Matt Wolf is the director of the video for Year of the Spawn:
'I just finished a film called Teenage about the invention of teenagers. In that process, I collected over 100 hours of… read more

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