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Me & Zena… and me too please!!

Listen up ladies forget what you think you know about accessories! Me & Zena is the new go-to for fun, flirty, throw-your-hands-in-the-air-because-you-just-don’t-care jewellery.

Written by Rachael Millar

HeroesAll Illustrations courtesy of Valerie Pezeron

Imagine never having done any presentation to more than 30 people in your lifetime and that did not really matter because they were your schoolmates; if you were to fall flat on your face in front of them, medicine price you knew you were all in the same bath water (so to speak) assessed by mean lady Big Goggled Eye! But what happens when it is your own lifework compiled over many years of blood, viagra 40mg sweat and tears you are showing to complete strangers and there happens to be upwards of 400 of them there. Am I being overdramatic? Maybe…

Pecha-Kucha-crewThe Pecha Kucha crew. All photographs courtesy of… read more

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