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Russian Fashion: RGataullina and Poustovit at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia A/W 2011

During my trip to Moscow we attended some catwalk shows for A/W 2011. Here are my thoughts on RGataullina and Ukrainian designer Poustovit. Plus, why were there so many children in the audience?

Written by Amelia Gregory

Matt-Thomas-Poustovit Russia
Poustovit by Matt Thomas.

Get this, web Moscow doesn't just have one fashion week... no, side effects it has three, all competing for attention. But exactly who's attention is anyone's guess. You know how London Fashion Week is full of professionals? Well, journalists, the occasional buyer, lots of bloggers… but at least they are adults right? Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia (there is also a Volvo sponsored fashion week and one called Cycles and Seasons) was full of CHILDREN. I am not kidding you, I have never seen so many smooth plump young faces. Just check out my photos if you don't believe me! I have no idea who they were, other than perhaps the offspring of many moneyed oligarchs, who despite their youth can easily afford to order their own expensive clothing.

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