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Beautiful freaks: The Last Tuesday Society

The Last Tuesday Society is a mind-boggling cornucopia of all things beautiful and grotesque – and sometimes both. We visited the museum, shop and gallery and were completely mesmerised by what we found.

Written by Jessica Furseth

topshop riot by kellie black
UKuncut Topshop-police amelia gregory
Topshop, this with your welcoming entrance you are spoiling us...

If you are on twitter you will probably have noticed the mutterings of the #UKuncut hashtag - from small beginnings it has grown to become the standard bearer of the cuts demonstrations. And to think it all started only a few weeks back, generic when I got a frantic phone call from one of my friends on the first UK Uncut Vodafone demo. "We've got a trending hashtag" he exclaimed somewhat maniacally. "but we've misspelled Vodaphone, viagra you've got to help us!!" I assured him that a quick glance at twitter confirmed that he didn't need my twittering powers one iota. And frankly I think it's Vodafone who've got their spelling wrong. Now, thousands of people follow the read more

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