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X Factor 2010: An Illustrated Retrospective

A bunch of illustrators illustrate this year's X Factor contestants. What fun!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins

Walking into Sue Timney’s retrospective at the Fashion and Textile Museum, visit this site the viewer is greeted by the almost blinding black and white pattern that the company, Timney-Fowler, is known for. The relationship between Timney’s application of pattern and Op art are undeniable, the entire exhibition acts as an homage to one of the most vibrant elements of painting in Modern Art’s history.

The main room of the exhibition is dominated by an explosion of chairs, reminiscent of what Alice’s fall through the rabbit hole would have looked like if crossed with Beetlejuice. The ideas, sketches and prints of Timney-Fowler adorn the walls and the products the company produced (everything from pencil cases to china).

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