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EA Burns: an interview with ethical jewellery designer Lizzie Burns

The new collection from EA Burns is powerful jewellery at its finest: Ancient Rites is constructed entirely from ethically sourced materials and made in the UK: and it looks GREAT.

Written by Amelia Gregory

EA Burns, Ancient Rites by Rebecca May Higgins
EA Burns, Ancient Rites by Rebecca May Higgins.

Jewellery by Lizzie Burns first caught my eye on a market stall several years ago, and since then her work has gone from strength to strength. With a new website just launched and her wonderful new collection Ancient Rites now on sale, it's time to catch up with the woman behind EA Burns.

EA Burns ancient rites
I love the fact that you produce an ethical collection that is also fashion forward - what prompted a move in this direction?
I really felt that (and still do) that designers have a responsibility to work ethically. We're creative and there's no reason why a good designer can't be more experimental and work with less used materials or processes to create pieces which are still exciting but far less poluting or socially problematic.

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