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Craft: Make your own Christmas cards

It is Christmas and what better way to induce a good dose of festive cheer and combat the evils of mass consumption than to do some Christmas crafting. Here Hannah Bullivant shows you how to make some simple Christmas cards. With illustrations by Emma Block, Daria Hlazatova and Ellie Sutton.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Printed cards Ebeneezer by Hannah Bullivant

Illustration by Emma Block

You may think that Christmas cards are harmless tokens of festive cheer, sale but there is more to them than well wishing tacky Santa’s. When done well, with thought, they have the potential to convey festive cheer, bring good news and even re-kindle relationships. They can also, however, be completely pointless (dear Dave from Sam. Why bother) cause large levels of guilt, highlight your own lack of organization, and generate sit-com levels of gossip and rumour (“Drunken Unkle Nigel is SO off the list”). Manufacturing and sending Christmas cards wastes thousands of tonnes of carbon every year, and most of the cards end up in landfill anyway.

Illustration by Daria Hlazatova

In fact, you might very well decide simply not to send them, and I really don’t… read more

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