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All aboard the Craftivist Collective and Climate Rush campaign to end excessive train fares!

UK train fares are some of the most expensive in Europe, and they are about to rise further, at great cost to both people and planet. The Craftivist Collective and Climate Rush are taking a stand.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Train Illustration by Alison Day

I love trains.

I’m actually sat on one right now, nurse as I write. The sun is just beginning to set and the pylons are casting long shadows across the country side. I’m slicing through fields, more about past dense forests and picture postcard villages, through cities and industrial sites, and fields full of  sheep. It’s just me, my music, my laptop and a cup of tea. A good cup of tea on a train is all the more appreciated in my books, having been made, as it was, whilst moving at 50 miles per hour on a tilting platform.

I don’t usually work on the train. My favourite train journey past time is to simply gaze out of the window and allow my mind to wonder beyond the everyday things, to the things that usually reside at the edges. Three hours to myself. As the train tilts and twists and wobbles on its journey, I watch peoples… read more

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