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Astonishing occult illustrations and richly patterned surface designs: an interview with Llew Mejia

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Minneapolis based designer Llew Mejia. Think occult inspirations, unusual candy, collaborations aplenty and a day job as textile designer for Target.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Supr Natr zine cover

Supr Natr zine cover.

Minneapolis based illustrator and textile designer Llew Mejia creates richly wondrous images, full of exotic furled leaves and wide eyed beasts. Ever since discovering his daily posts on instagram I've been captivated and was lucky enough to lay my hands on a limited edition copy of his recent Supr Natr zine, chock full of occult based wonder. Highly patterned, often brightly coloured, and yet with the old fashioned feel of wood block or lino prints, Llew Mejia has a truly unique style. Time to find out more about this talented Stateside artist...

Llew Mejia - Crocs

Crocs Textile pattern for Promotional Material for a Florida Musician

Firstly, where does your rather unusual name come from? Do I detect some Welsh heritage in there, as well as some Mexican… read more

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An interview with illustrator Gareth A Hopkins, as featured in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration

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Written by Amelia Gregory

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