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An interview with Laura Terp Hansen of Underwerket Projects, Copenhagen

On Thursday 2nd September 2010 I will be giving a talk about Amelia's Magazine, sustainability and design for activism as part of the Underwerket Projects in Copenhagen. I talk to the driving force behind this project in my Q&A below...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Laura Terp Hansen
Laura Terp Hansen has kindly invited me over to Copenhagen to talk to her fellow Danish designers, healing so I thought I'd find out a bit more about why she'd like me to share my ideas and what she herself does.

I was wondering, stuff I first met you at the Sketchbook Mag pop-up shop - why were you in the UK and what drew you to be there?
I was in London to visit my sister, she studies at an art college and she heard about your talk at Sketchbook Mag pop-up shop. I have lived and worked in London when I was younger, so I know the city well and I always love to visit. I get very inspired by the creative atmosphere.

What's the best thing (design-wise) that you discovered in the UK?
London has a great atmosphere with loads of creative people and inspiring energy. The city is very vibrant with a lot of different cultures brought together. I love that! When I studied at LCP (London College of Printing) one of the great things was… read more

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