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London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: Charlie Le Mindu

His is always a hot tip, no matter the time of day. We got up bright and early to check out Charlie Le Mindu at Victoria House on Sunday 19th September 2010. And oh what a hairy joy!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration by Eugenia Tsmiklis

After pegging it down the strand, ed I arrived at the BFC tent with less than 30 seconds to spare. My desperate dan demeanour must have won me brownie points somewhere as I was ushered into the catwalk seating area so fast my feet barely touched the floor. Expecting the Issa show to begin, imagine my suprise when Basso and Brooke creations started to walk their way down the catwalk...there must have been some awful mistake?...yes, indeed there was Mr Matt Bramford (who must be reading his timetable upside down last night).

A 9am Sunday morning treat: great turnout (including model Amber Rose - front row), amazing prints and a seamless show. To be able to mix so many colours, prints, patterns and styles into pieces of clothing is a talent few can boast. I have never trained as a fashion designer but I imagine that there comes a time early in their lives, perhaps as a kid choosing between a pencil and a box of crayolas, when their speciality is set for life. In my view, all designers have not so much a signature look as a… read more

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