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Jam jars

My second crafty recycle column looks at the humble jam jar and its many uses: Read on to get inspired and get them out of the recycling bin...

Written by Hannah Bullivant

My next project is not quite so ambitious or labour intensive as last weeks weatherproof bunting, buy information pills but I want to include some easy instant ideas too.

Jam jars have got to be some of the most overlooked and underused objects in our kitchens, and they have, like, a gazillion potential uses. My fondness for jamjars (and I would definitely call it fondness) began at university. Necessity bred invention and my jam jars found them selves reinvented as pen holders, food containers, shot glasses, tea light holders, door stops, bowls, plates, bee traps and potential weaponry against baddies and pissed house mates.

My favourite reincarnation of the humble jam jar is as water tumblers. Just steam or soak the labels off and pop em in your cupboard. That’s it. Crafty, free and endlessly self replenishing. Jam jar glasses again originated from student necessity, but I have come to respect their unique utilitarian charm.

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