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An interview with illustrator Katrine Brosnan

Illustrator Katrine Brosnan is the talent behind the Tricolore album artwork for alternative girlband Haiku Salut, recently profiled on these pages. Here she talks about the process.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Tricolore by Haiku Salut. Design by Katrine Brosnan
Tricolore by Haiku Salut. Design by Katrine Brosnan.

Illustrator Katrine Brosnan first came to my attention as the designer of the wonderful Tricolore album artwork: she then contributed another exclusive illustration for my interview with Haiku Salut, so I decided to find out more about how she collaborated with the band, as well as her work practice, techniques and plans for the future. Read on to be inspired.

hand_watch_booklet by Katrine Brosnan
Hand watch booklet.

What was the best bit about studying at Nottingham Trent University?
I loved working alongside people studying different disciplines; my housemates were graphics and fashion students. My fine art course… read more

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