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Kingston University: Illustration and Animation Ba Hons Graduate Show 2011 Review. Animation.

Love animation? Then you'll love this lot: with work from the likes of Sophie Powell, Zach Ellams, Moira Lam and Sean Weston. Feast your eyes on this.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Kingston Illustration graduate exhibition 2011 Zach Ellams
Detail of artwork for The Deptford Mice by Zach Ellams.

As for the animation from Kingston, decease I didn't manage to take much of it in at the exhibition so I've had a scout around on the internet in the intervening days. I absolutely adore Sophie Powell's The End, featuring talking planets and a Japanese voiceover.

I also love her Order/Chaos project with jiggling balls:

…and her collaborative project based on the Salmon Rushdie novel Luka and the Fire of LIfe, especially the ominous moving mountains.

Sophie Powell is inspired by murder mysteries, contagious smiles, pop up books and animals in clothes. Sounds good to me.

When Zach Ellams is not collaborating with Sophie he is making wonderful animations… read more

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