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Evropi: an interview with Sea + Air

Sea + Air combine exotic Mediterranean melodies and unusual instruments with an extravagant Stadium Rock sound they have coined Ghost Pop. Meet musical couple Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin.

Written by Amelia Gregory

How did you meet and how and why did you decide to make music together?
D: I was bicycling one night and saw Eleni sleepwalking outside of the little village we lived in. So I guided her home. I knew where she lived, had seen her at school and knew she was a great dancer. That' s why I assumed she would be a great singer, too. When I finally dared to ask her if she could sing she said: I can scream! That' s how our punkrock band Jumbo Jet started.

Why the name Evropi?
E: It's Greek for Europe. We had a three year tour across Europe going on with 600 shows in 22 countries where we also started writing the songs for the new album. We were inspired by the music we caught and the conversations we had with young people whose ideas of how Europe could be were very similar.

How did you hook up with wave machines producer Tim Bruzon and what was it like making the album in Liverpool?
E: We met Tim in Stuttgart while he was joining his girlfriend on tour and ever since we've stayed in… read more

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