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Stars and Sons – Interview

Catching up with some funsters from the south coast, whose hook-filled indie pop is invading the airwaves

Written by Ian Steadman

stars and sons brighton mike interview

Hailing from Brighton (there's a veritable smorgasbord of great bands coming out of there at the moment, thumb aren't there?), order Stars and Sons are an indie pop band who specialise in fun-filled tunes packed with extra layers, of instruments and noises. A bit like a very nice cake, in a way - a musical cake. I chatted to lead singer Mike about his band and their dancing triangles.

Hi Mike – you are Mike, right? How did Stars and Sons begin?

Yep, I’m Mike. I basically started the project off in a dark bedroom, recording stuff on dodgy software, and then realised it needed to go somewhere other than my bedroom so I got in Stuart, Sandy, Paul, and later on Luke, because apparently playing live is quite important. And it’s nice to have the company!

Who does what then in the band?

I play piano, Luke and Sandy play guitar, Stuart’s on drums and Paul… read more

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