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Reichenbach Falls introduce the new video for their single Stay Home

Reichenbach Falls have produced another beautiful video, with a little help from actress Hannah Bristow and set designer Anouska Lester.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Stay Home, Elizabeth by EdieOP

Stay Home, Elizabeth by EdieOP.

Abe Davies from Reichenbach Falls introduces the new video for current single Risky, taken from the album Reports of Snow, which we covered last year here

This was always the song that I wanted as the single from Reports of Snow. Eventually we ended up putting Risky out first, with its own video, because everybody thought it was a little poppier, but this was always the one for me. When I wrote Stay Home it was a dark little folk song, but by the time we got around to the recording stage we'd decided it kind of had the heart of a rocker, so there's something in there for everybody, hopefully. It's also the song that, for better or for worse, is kind of the centrepiece of the record and is the most direct expression of it. So there's that.