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Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration launch party illustrations: meet Rachel de Ste. Croix

Rachel de Ste. Croix is an extraordinarily talented illustrator who also goes by the name of Precious Little. Here's her lovely renditions of Susie Bubble, Neil Bennett of Digital Arts Magazine, Katie Wright of Style My Wardrobe, Sarah Vernon of SBV, Tigz Rice... and me! At the ACOFI launch party.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Susie Bubble needs no introduction and I absolutely adore Rachel's rendition of this infamous fashion blogger. She's been a great supporter of Amelia's Magazine so it was an honour to see her at the launch party. You can read her write up here. Thanks Susie!

Rachel de Ste. Croix has developed a unique style that suits both childrens' book illustration and fashion illustration a treat. Working from life she sketches a likeness of her subject and then transfers into into her computer through a painstaking process involving a light box and lots of black felt markers. From there she messes around in photoshop to achieve a beautiful handmade look that in fact makes the most of digital special effects - something which I talked about when I mentioned her in my Digital Arts interview. Here's her fabulous ACOFI launch party output:

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