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The Makery – Bath gets Crafty

Written by Amy Hughes

Very occasionally and normally with a good dose of tongue-in-cheek irony and predatorial bad-taste, illness is an older woman considered as an object of sexual-desire. In the Coen brothers’ latest, this site ‘A Serious Man’, click the ‘sexy-neighbour’ is a scary super-woman with too much make-up and too little decorum. The older woman and sex is a topic of taboo and avoidance. As Charlie Brooker recently pointed out, Susan Boyle is an average looking woman but in comparison to today’s airbrushed army, she is more than the wrong side of beautiful.

When Louise Bourgeois grins widely wearing a coat of monkey fur with a two foot-long latex phallus wielded under her right arm she is disarming and confrontational. Old women aren’t meant to make sexual jokes, are they? This is 1982 and the artist is in her early seventies. The photograph, taken by Robert Mapplethorpe the same year as her retrospective at MoMA, is subsequently cropped so all we see is the image of her wrinkled, smiling face. The erotic humour is therefore stripped from the image leaving the question; can erotic art and old age go hand-in-hand?

‘The glint in the eye refers to the thing I’m carrying. But they cut it. They cut it because the museum was… read more

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