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Graduate Fashion Week: Birmingham and Salisbury

Teddy bears and cartoon characters feature in this nostalgic penultimate show report from Graduate Fashion Week, at Birmingham and Salisbury, on Tuesday 8 June 2010

Written by Jonno Ovans

Vivienne Westwood, viagra illustrated by Kerry Lemon

While things like free booze and miniature pies are thoroughly good perks of a fashion week, it is also completely inevitable that you somehow manage to end up with hundreds of bits of paper and about six half-drunk bottles of water rolling around in your bag, and sure enough by the time I reached the Ravensbourne show I had unwittingly acquired three in the space of forty five minutes. Out of all the shows at Graduate Fashion Week, Ravensbourne is the hottest ticket – so hot, in fact, that only Vivienne bloody Westwood was in the audience. We found out afterwards that she’s working on a climate change television project with the college’s media course and went to support the fashion students. Her presence proved a bit of a personal distraction during the show and I seemed less concerned about what I was thinking than what she was thinking. It was a… read more

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