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Mimi Tran AW15: London Fashion Week Catwalk Review

Vietnamese born San Franciscan based fashion designer Mimi Tran showcased her red carpet collection for the first time at Fashion Scout.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mimi Tran AW15-photo by Amelia Gregory 54
San Francisco based fashion designer Mimi Tran launched her brand just a few years ago after a former career in Silicon Valley, and chose the Fashion Scout catwalk for the first time this season to showcase a collection which oozed red carpet glamour: think sheer column dresses with wasp waists covered in extravagant embellishments in a palette of black, white, gold, red and royal blue. The Vietnamese born designer shares a curious resemblance (and name) with a very successful US based poker player who has made over a million dollars to date... are they in fact one and the same? Did she use her poker money to reinvent herself and realise a childhood dream of being a fashion designer? Or maybe the similarity is merely a coincidence. I would love to know...

Mimi Tran AW15-photo by Amelia Gregory 11
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