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Album Review: Gazelle Twin – The Entire City

An astonishing debut album from Brighton based musician Elizabeth Walling. The download version came out on 11th July 2011, but you can catch the official launch performance on 1st September at The Islington Metal Works: not to be missed!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Gazelle Twin - Polaroid

Gazelle Twin's debut album opens with the threatening bass horns of new single The Entire City, stuff and straight away the mood is set for what is to come. Singer Elizabeth Walling's coos clatter in just before the kicking drums. but there are no lyrics and the atmosphere is heavy and pounding, viagra 40mg not for the fainthearted.

Gazelle Twin The Entire City

Concrete Mother starts more softly, seek meandering undulations back whispering sighs before vocals kick in. 'She'll teach me love…' Then comes upcoming single Men Like Gods, which features Elizabeth's tremulous voice at the forefront. What at first makes sense becomes more and more vague:… read more

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