Amelia’s Magazine | George Styler: Fashion Scout Ones to Watch, London Fashion Week A/W 2014 Catwalk Review

George Styler A/W 2014 By Antonia Parker

George Styler A/W 2014 by Antonia Parker.

George Styler AW 2014-black spike shoulders

George Styler AW 2014-green spike top

George Styler AW 2014-legs

George Styler AW 2014-mask

George Styler AW 2014-mini dress

George Styler A/W 2014 by Slowly The Eggs aka Maria Papadimitriou

George Styler A/W 2014 by Slowly The Eggs aka Maria Papadimitriou.

Serbian fashion designer George Styler was a major crowd pleaser at Ones to Watch, showcasing a collection dominated by his heavily embellished knitwear. Think spiky shouldered jackets, rainbow sequinned leggings, thickly embroidered knitwear, pompoms, gold coins and ruffles aplenty. Models wore their hair in complex braids, sometimes topped with folk style crowns. There were a few menswear outfits thrown in for good measure, and perhaps with commercialisation in mind George had boldly applied his name to branded leggings which were sent down the catwalk accompanied by a matching holdall. In a rather delightful touch all front row guests received a mirrored heart magnet; an old fashioned East European traditional gift for Valentine’s Day. This was not a collection for the minimalists.

George Styler A/W 2014 by Karolina Burdon

George Styler A/W 2014 by Karolina Burdon.

George Styler AW 2014-mustard legs

George Styler AW 2014-pink cape

George Styler AW 2014-pink sleeves

George Styler AW 2014-rainbow legs

George Styler AW 2014-stripe legs

George Styler AW 2014-thigh socks

George Styler A/W 2014 by Mitika Suri

George Styler A/W 2014 by Mitika Suri.

The show notes reveal that this collection, titled Network, was influenced by a double meaning of the concept, both the idea of interweaving between cultures in our globalised world, and also the lack of real contact in a society reliant on the virtual web. I’m not sure I would have grasped the second aspect of this idea, but overall lthe collection reminded me of a look that was briefly popular in the late 80s and early 90s thanks to the likes of MC Kinky. You remember Everything Starts With An ‘E’? Of course you do…. or maybe I’m just showing my age.

George Styler AW 2014-portrait

All photography by Amelia Gregory.

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