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Meet Submotion Orchestra, a new musical collective from Leeds

Leeds based musical collective Submotion Orchestra release the beautiful debut album Finest Hour in June 2011, mixing elements of jazz, dubstep and soul.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Submotion Orchestra by Clive McFarland
Submotion Orchestra by Clive McFarland.

Submotion Orchestra are a Leeds based seven piece who fuse jazz, purchase dubstep and soul: a modern day musical collective in the style of those 90s greats: Soul 2 Soul and Massive Attack. Their debut album Finest Hour is a unique combination of these sounds and it comes out in June. Let's find out more...

Submotion Orchestra by Gareth A Hopkins
Submotion Orchestra by Gareth A Hopkins.

You came together under curious circumstances. How does that work and how do you function as a large band? What are the ups and downs of this arrangement?
The band was started by read more

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