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Climate Camp 2010: Twitter Backfires… or does it?

This year the Camp for Climate Action received a grilling from the Guardian Environment Blog on the basis of a few trolls who found our hashtag feed. This is my version of what happened.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Climate Camp 2010-media
Our best 3G signal for getting onto the internet was found at the top of the rise. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Since I've returned from Climate Camp in Edinburgh the media backlash against us has began. Perhaps we have grown complacent about our cosy relationship with the mainstream media over the past few years? Thwarted in their desire for juicy riot porn the Guardian instead turned to the trouble I had been experiencing on twitter since the start of camp, when one troll turned into two, which then turned into a whole host of the little critters. Because trolls always have friends and they know how to find each other. And once they do they like to have a feeding frenzy.

Climate Camp 2010-mediateam
The media team: small but very hard working.

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