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Owen Duff introduces special Easter tune The Resurrection (Easter Sunday)

What is your Easter experience? It's not always a joyous affair as this beautiful tune from Owen Duff illustrates. I wish you the best for a calm and social weekend (with chocolate).

Written by Amelia Gregory

Owen Duff-The Resurrection 4
Owen Duff talks us through his inspiration for special Easter tune The Resurrection (Easter Sunday).

I have an unhappy relationship with Easter weekends, as being a spontaneous (okay, chaotic) type I tend not to plan ahead, relying instead on a serendipitous collision of available friends, perfect weather and wonderful free (and ideally not-too-busy) cultural happenings which in fact rarely occurs. The time of year which most clearly illustrates the gap between my aspirations and reality is Easter. It creeps up, I plan nothing, and everyone leaves town. Such was the case a couple of years ago when I found myself completely abandoned on the long weekend, sauntering aimlessly around an East London that seemed less like a place than a time in the future when I and everyone I knew had died. To make matters worse it seemed that a lot of new people had arrived in the area who looked somewhat similar to people I knew, but only from a distance. Somehow that made the loneliness more intense, like the feeling when you go casually to open a… read more

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Kotki Dwa Staycations Album Launch Interview with Alex Ostrowski

Singer Alex Ostrowski talks about the launch of new album Staycations, and tells us why Kotki Dwa's collaboration with the National Trust is so important.

Written by Abi Renshaw

The band at their Sutton House album launch by Sam Parr Your 5 track EP ‘Lunch‘ came out in November 2011. Before that, It had been a wee while since […]

Kotki Dwa Staycations by Sam Glynn

A Summer Punch Up at Sutton House: Kotki Dwa Staycations Album Launch Party Review

The new Staycations album from Kotki Dwa was launched on Saturday 14th July with A Summer Punch Up at Hackney's Sutton House.

Written by Abi Renshaw

Kotki Dwa Staycations CD bundle by Sam Glynn Staycations. A word us Brits are getting more and more used to: when the sun shines, there is honestly just no place […]