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You Should Be In Charge: art exhibition by Bob and Roberta Smith

It’s loud, the art from Bob and Roberta Smith, with an almost cheerful buzz about it that makes you feel like taking to the streets and demand change. You Should Be In Charge is on now at the Work Gallery.

Written by Jessica Furseth

What will be the habits of the new counterculture? / In the new counter-culture what will the fashions be like / What will be the stimulants of the new counterculture?

‘What motivates me is politics, pill but our politicians are ghastly, side effects ’ Patrick Brill writes in his new book, The artist, better known under his working name of Bob and Roberta Smith, is all over the walls at the Work Gallery near King’s Cross right now His politics are bright and loud, with slogans and phrases painted on boards in a meticulous yet haphazard manner; the letters are carefully made out but sometimes the words are misspelt. But the spelling’s not really the point now is it.

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