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350 International Day of Climate Action!

A massive global spectacle, but is that all it amounts to?

Written by Adam S


"The clothes act as an antithesis to the way of the disposable modern world, ask making something new out of something old, approved reducing waste and consuming less" Lu Flux

Ethical fashion is definitely a buzz word at the moment. Branching out from the confinements and stereotypes of hemp clothing and hippie cast offs, rx designers are reinventing ethical fashion with distinct creative flair and a dash of compassion. I would like to introduce the fashion industry’s latest compassionate creative mind, Lu Flux.


With a passion for refashioning and reusing materials, Lu Flux works… read more

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Camp for Climate Action

One week to go!

Written by Tom Russell

Having spearheaded the new London folk scene with their debut album, there medical Noah and the Whale are back with their hands full up, releasing a new single, album and […]