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350 International Day of Climate Action!

A massive global spectacle, but is that all it amounts to?

Written by Adam S

Last Saturday was the 350 International Day of Climate Action, tens of thousands of people gathered around the world in hundreds of countries to raise awareness about the risk of climate change across the planet.


350 incase you were wondering, is the safe limit for carbon dioxide in the world and right now we have a concentration of co2 of 390 ppm. So we need to radically reduce our carbon emissions if we want to live in a safe planet.


The scale of the action worldwide was a first of it’s kind and it is pretty awe-inspiring to see how many different people got together and acted, putting their heads together to come up with ideas and imaginative responses, to Bates college having a impromptu dance, to divers in Perhentian Island, Malyasia spending Saturday cleaning a coral reef and people marking out 350 in the middle of an American football… read more

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The Great Climate Swoop – the mass action of the year!

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