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The Science Museum Climate Science Gallery Cockroach Tour with Superflex

This month the Science Museum officially inaugurates the Cockroach Tour. Here's what happened when I did a sample run at the end of last year... and what you can expect if you decide to dress up as a Cockroach yourself.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Kuni Awai Darkroom Valentines
Cockroach tour by Mina Bach.

A couple of months ago I was invited to visit the Science Museum to dress up as a Cockroach. How on earth could I resist such an invitation? So it was that with trepidation myself and boyfriend strolled up Exhibition Road on a Saturday afternoon. Who would be our fellow Cockroaches? Children? Families? Other slightly bewildered online journos and bloggers?

Cockroach couple by Sarah Matthews

We arrived at the tail end of nibbles in the lecture theatre, healing and were hastily whisked off to the Cockroach dressing room - right at the front of the museum so that interested passers… read more

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