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The Elephant Parade comes to London Town in a glorious parade of art, fashion and awareness, to benefit the Elephant Family charity's work to prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant. Some of our wonderful illustrators take on some of our favourites…

Written by Matt Bramford

A selection of elephants by Paul Shinn

Allow me to introduce you to Marjorie, pictured below. She's one of 258 fibreglass elephants in and around London decorated by some of the capital's most prominent artists, designers and image makers, as part of the Elephant Parade!

Clare Bassett's Marjorie (#81) at More London

Thammakit Thamboon's Polkadot (#12) at More London by Jenny Robins

It's… read more

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Red Bull Music Academy: Steve Reich Lecture on Tuesday 16th February 2010

An edited transcript of the lecture given by Steve Reich at the Red Bull Music Academy on Tuesday 16th February, with illustrations by Gemma Milly.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Steve Reich by Gemma Milly. Steve Reich is a seriously cult figure for contemporary beats based music. Famed for his minimalist compositions from the 60s onwards he continues to be […]