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An interview with Bobbin Bicycles.

Tom Morris, co-founder of Bobbin Bicycles, talks to me about Pashleys, the Tweed Run, their new bespoke repair shop, designer collaborations and why you shouldn't give up cycling for winter.

Written by Amelia Gregory

sunrise kids

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, page illustrated by Naomi Law

Plans to large it in East End boozers or at Green Kite Midnight's Ceilidh on Saturday night turned sour when my other half broke his arm in a freak gymnasium accident. So, unwilling to sit in sulking, we took a trip to the Rich Mix Cinema.

Mainstream fashion films don't come around that frequently. Okay, so we had Tom Ford's plotless but beautiful adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man, but it's rare for those who control film production company's purse strings will invest their cash in fashion biopics. Things might be changing though - we had Coco avant Chanel recently - an exceptional film starring Audrey Tatouread more

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An Interview with Dougald Hine of Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Festival

UNCIVILISATION: The Dark Mountain Festival took place in Llangollen in late May 2010. We wish we'd made it along ourselves but instead we managed to have a little post-festival catch up with organiser and co-founder Dougald Hine.

Written by Calum Ross

A couple of weeks ago, medications I was sifting through work emails and idly wondering how my forthcoming weekend was going to shape up; it seemed to be taking on […]